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Papacy, Al-Queda, ISIS, and CIA
The Past Speaks in the Present: Pyramids of Mexico

PowerPoints: P

Papacy, CIA, Drugs, and War pt 1
Paul's Twister
Papacy, CIA, Drugs, and War pt 2
The Plan
Paris Massacre
Present Truth What Is It Really
The Priest's Garments

Prophecy Arise!

Prophecy Arise pt 1
Prophecy Arise pt 5
Prophecy Arise pt 10
Prophecy Arise pt 13
Prophecy Arise pt 14
Prophecy Arise pt 15
Project 2025
Prophecy Update! 12-30-23
Prophecy Update!
Prophecy Update! 1-27-24
Prophecy Update! 8-12-23
Prophecy Update! 2-24-24
Prophecy Update! 10-28-23
Prophecy Update! 3-23-24
Proving the Prophet
Proving the Prophet pt 2
The Puzzling Prophet
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