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                  Dear friend,                                                                                          April 2024 newsletter


     As of the end of February, I’m happy to report that my physical therapy program is over, I will be able to fly again by mid-March, and my walking gets better every day!!  Praise the Lord that I can walk without pain!  Thank you for your prayers!


    The you tube channel now has over 1.2 million views, almost 8,000 subscribers, and we are getting comments from around the globe.  The mass mailings to California (San Francisco and Los Angeles) and to Knoxville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee continue to bear fruit!  The sending out of SOP books, KJV Bibles, and other assorted materials/books continue to fly out of here like…..  the leaves of autumn!  We rejoice in this opportunity to share the everlasting gospel in the light of the Great Controversy around the globe. 


     The current Speaker in the House of Representatives is named Mike Johnson.  Reading some biographical information about him leaves one impressed with the moral, ethical, and common sense approach this man takes to politics in America.  He is a man of deep faith and seeks to use his faith to guide him in the decisions he makes for America.  He has stood against transgenderism, same sex marriage, has tried to limit abortions, opposes marijuana of any kind, and has voted to discourage the state’s law enforcement and government agencies from working with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights organization.  In 2018, Johnson was one of a group of Republicans arguing for student-led prayer and religious expression in public schools under the First Amendment.  In an America where politicians vote some very crazy things, Johnson’ s stands are very refreshing and even invigorating!  Johnson has declared of himself, ““Some people are called to pastoral ministry,” he said, when he first ran for Congress. “I was called to legal ministry, and I’ve been out on the front lines of the ‘culture war.’ ”


     Were it not for a book called ‘The Great Controversy’, Johnson and his conservative agenda would seem to be the answer for America’s ills!  Since we know that both political parties in America are controlled by the Jesuits/papists; since we know that the Jesuits/papists have pushed the political agenda far to the radically, liberal left and that they now want to push the political agenda back to the far right; it seems very obvious that Mike Johnson’s agenda is simply the conservative right arm of the Jesuit/papal agenda!  Rome has used the Hegelian dialectic to a tee, pitting the two parties against each other, their thesis and antithesis!  With the rising up of Johnson and his conservative agenda, the pendulum will kick strong to the right and we could very easily see the synthesis or solution that Rome/Jesuits have wanted in this nation for a long time----a Sunday Law!  The only part of this end time scenario is the time element.  Shame on David Gates and Adventism that continue to set forth ridiculous time predictions!!  They do not have a clue!!!  This agenda was foretold long ago by the little lady from Elmshaven. ““Yet this very class put forth the claim that the fast-spreading corruption is largely attributable to the desecration of the so-called “Christian sabbath,” and that the enforcement of Sunday observance would greatly improve the morals of society. This claim is especially urged in America, where the doctrine of the true Sabbath has been most widely preached….  But the fact that a movement to establish error is connected with a work which is in itself good, is not an argument in favor of the error. We may disguise poison by mingling it with wholesome food, but we do not change its nature. On the contrary, it is rendered more dangerous, as it is more likely to be taken unawares. It is one of Satan's devices to combine with falsehood just enough truth to give it plausibility. The leaders of the Sunday movement may advocate reforms which the people need, principles which are in harmony with the Bible; yet while there is with these a requirement which is contrary to God's law, His servants cannot unite with them. Nothing can justify them in setting aside the commandments of God for the precepts of men.”  GC, pg. 587


      From Edward “Mark retired in 2022 and settled at his 30-acre piece of land in northern part of Zambia.  He enjoys eating fruits from his trees when he is relaxing.  He is near the border with Tanzania.  Upon his settlement there, Mark desired to enlighten the people in his communities with the truth he has been taking to other places while he was a service man. He therefore constructed a good size shelter where he would be meeting the people to discuss faith and hope in God through DVDs and other good literature. Upon accomplishing his shelter, Mark invited a few neighbors to come and worship with him. That was the beginning of his other good works now in the country. His neighbors were so pleased with the wonderful presentations Mark was revealing and to make this matter even better, Mark took his TV with a DVD player and showed these people, the Amazing grace series and later sealed the people with Daniel and Revelation series. A small gathering grew into a good size group which continued to attract a lot of Catholics from a nearby parish. Northern Zambia is a Catholic strong hold P.B but God is God and when it is time, nothing stops Gods movements. Marks studies continued to attract more Catholic members who never returned back to the parish. This was noticed by a Jesuit priest who was displeased with Mark, he planned to stop Mark. The priest organized some thugs to attack Mark and some people during his lesson presentations from his shelter. He paid those thugs to carry out their dirty game but the all-seeing eye was watching.  Those thugs were 4. They armed themselves with machetes, axes, and one was given a pistol to shoot Mark.  The thugs upon receiving part of the agreed amount left for the operation. That evening, Mark’s tent was fully parked with more Catholics who wanted to hear for themselves that It was the papacy which shifted God’s true worship of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The papacy was being unmasked by the good American from the screen and that is what attracted a lot of Catholics to leave their parish to hear for themselves. It was while the multitude of good people were silent listening to the series that the thugs stormed the shelter with one purpose to shoot Mark and harm as many free people they can. This was happening at a time when Mark was playing Revelation 13 sermon to answer questions from some Catholic members had visited and asked who is the beast and his mark?  The visitors were happy and pleased the way you were presenting Revelation 13 with good clear answers from the word of God and the testimonies. Your amazing explanation caught the attention of the listeners such that Satan attempted to cause trouble in the shelter but the all-seeing eye was ready to thwart the evil plans from happening. It was when people learned that the papacy is the cause of all Sunday worship that the thugs quietly entered the shelter as if they are visitors to do their worst but just as one guy was about to place his finger on the trigger, a word from the screen by the American in the sermon confused him. The word was “watch the papacy’s movements “!!!  These words “watch the papacy’s movement” halted the thugs who remained still for some minutes to listen more about what they need to watch. I want to state here before you P.B under God that God indeed gave you His words when you were making that sermon on Revelation 13 and 17.  I have stated on this before that Daniel series with Revelation contain heavy, un deniable truths that can never be refuted by a sincere child of God and it is by your good presentation that many inhabitants from my continent have learned and found salvation through it all.  Praise God!!  High profile men in governments, politicians, students, the clergy have testified the wonders of God’s truth in these two series I refer to as “Powerpack” series. The thugs looked at each other and the leader told his friends to wait. The thugs were surprised to learn that it was the papacy which changed the Sabbath to Sunday and it is the papacy working in Satan’s power deceive the world.  Thugs saw that the priest deceived them to come and try to disturb a work of God.  The unseen watcher was in control. Those thugs remained behind after everyone had left to ask Mark more questions about the papacy. Marked helped them to see how Satan works and those thugs confessed about their mission and asked Mark to forgive them and to pray for them but Mark counseled the now believing thugs to repent and allow Jesus to reign in their hearts and serve him. The thugs were guilty. They promised Mark to be coming to learn more about God as they had decided to follow Jesus.  The next few days, the now new changed thugs began to learn and were getting ready for their baptism.  It was a total new experience which these guys were now experiencing. Since they never went back to the priest to report the failed mission, the priest realized later that the thugs deceived him by getting money without doing the job. He was upset with this and organized other thugs who would confront the first group.  The priest paid a little more money to the second group who promised good results within 24 hours. The priest smiled and the thugs left for Mark and the former thugs. It was time for meetings and Mark was in front teaching the converted thugs about baptism and the law of God.  More people assembled and the usual meetings started. This time, Mark was showing the people Revelation 17 and it was just in time that the zealous thugs reached at the shelter and entered in fury to kill and maim. As the leader of this group entered the shelter, the people got scared and looked at the strange men with masks on their faces but the former thugs identified them and called out their names to stop what they were sent to do and listen to them why they never did the biding of the priest. The new thugs who were in high spirits to harm everybody got shocked to hear their names being called and ordered to stop. The leader for the former thugs told the sent new thugs that there was no match to them and if they dared to do something nasty, they were going to deal with them and take then to the police for they know them by their real names. That leader told them to sit down and get the reason why they did not do the nasty job for the priest that the priest is jealousy and wicked.  He is the son of the devil who is walking with darkness to cover innocent people.  P.B. it was now the former thugs who were preaching to their friends and convinced them to live a clean life and save their lives. The thugs showed others how the papacy has plans to kill mass of people in the up-coming national Sunday laws. Mark joined the conversation and helped the thugs to understand. Remember this act was happening in full view of the attendants who got upset with the priest and some individuals planned to revenge against the evil plans of the priest but Mark stopped them and told everybody that it was the work of God and God will surely intervene in this for Satan is not happy. The people understood. The new thugs seemed to calm down and listen to sensible counsel they were getting. They were told to stop prosecuting Jesus who died for their sins. That evening Mark praised the lord for His amazing deliverance. This second group of thugs remained behind after everybody had left with Mark for more counseling.  The priest was expecting the thugs to return and give a report but that never happened. So, the second day, the priest wondered what power was holding all the thugs. He opted to go and visit Mark in person and see for himself so that he can establish the truth. That evening, the priest got ready and left for Mark’s evening DVD shows and he was just in time when he arrived. The first shock he got was to find all the thugs he had paid were in the front row seated next to Mark.  The second shock he got was to hear how the American was unmasking the papacy in Revelation 17.  He further heard more truths he never knew when he was a seminarian.  While he was listening to shocking facts P.B you have brought forth in that mighty series, a word went around that the priest was present and all the thugs looked around and saw him. They stood up and walked to where he was and asked him to remain behind after the sermon so that Mark can speak to him.  After the sermon had ended, the priest and the thugs remained behind and Mark had questions to ask the priest why he was sending thugs to attack him? The priest looked at the converted thugs and looked at Mark and reviewed all what the American was teaching, told Mark to pardon him and was sorry. He never knew that someone besides Mark, the American was the one revealing in-depth secrets and facts about the papacy.  He was sorry to the thugs to have used them against Mark. He asked Mark to give him the evening sermon so that he could go through at his parish and Mark was pleased so he gave him selected DVDs for Revelation 13 through 18 and Daniel DVDs. The priest left and the converted thugs left after prayer with Mark.  Three days later, the priest came back to Mark and told him that, he was blind. The American has helped him greatly to see and learn the other side of his system he never knew. He was sorry and appreciated the secret terrorist book which he was given with other materials Mark prepared for him. He left for the parish. A week later, that priest resigned from his priest hood. He told Mark that he was going far away where he cannot be reached but he shall be coming in privacy to get more lesson of the American. He confessed to Mark who shared with me this story that “God bless the American teacher whose messages helped his mind to see that he was not working for God but for Satan in the guise of the papacy. He shed tears as he spoke to Mark for that was his last evening as he was escaping to a far place. He knew that some priests among the Jesuits may be after him and he did not want to get into trouble. He warned Mark to re-allocate to some other place as attacks from the Jesuits may be coming. Mark promised to support him with more materials any time he appeared from hiding and a prayer was offered by Mark for this priest who then left a sorrowful man. That evening, Mark told the audience what had transpired and the advice he got from the priest. One of the converted thugs agreed with the former priest for Mark to re-allocate somewhere as long as he would come to visit them and the audience would keep studying with the American through the DVDs and keep the faith.  Mark told me that he wanted to find a suitable person who would be take care of his acre while he temporarily stayed in another place for his safety.”


 Upcoming appointments

         Deer Park, WA   April 20th.  Pastor Al and Kaye Fletcher   509- 258-6992

        Myrtle Point, OR, May 18     Bud Van Camp    541- 672- 8132

        This speaking appointment in June is now open for me to speak elsewhere.

        Seattle, WA   July 27             Brother Ron    206- 510-1812


                                                     Blessings to you,



                                                      Pastor Bill              

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