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            There are many rock stars in 7th day Adventism today.  Men like Doug Bachelor, Walter Veith, Dr. O, Mark Finley, 3ABN, Ivor Meyers, Steve Wohlberg, and Samuel Thomas would certainly be on that list.   They all profess to preach present truth.  With all their learning, it is amazing some of the teachings they espouse.  They all have certain things that they have in common.  The two things that they all hold in common are:

  1. There is only one store house.This means all money; tithe and offering, must be placed in the denominational coffers.They encourage their listeners not to support self-supporting ministries in any way.They push this even though Ellen White, for the last 45 years of her life, bypassed the denomination and supported self-supporting workers primarily in the south.They promote this in spite of the fact that in Christ’s self-supporting ministry He had a treasurer named Judas who held the tithes and offerings donated to His ministry.Clearly, the Son of God understood that bypassing the organized church in His day and paying monies to a self-supporting ministry was not outside of the fact that there most surely is more than one storehouse!All of these present truth speakers, these rock stars, understand these simple facts.Yet, they still promote the paying of monies to the storehouse of the denomination!Why????

  2. None of them will ever say anything about the apostasy within the denomination, especially at the highest levels in the church.Ted Wilson can say what he wants, (for 7 years saying the mark of the beast was any day of the week other than the 7th day Sabbath) do whatever he wants (trash the Great Controversy for the Great Hoax), meet with whomever he wants, (holding meetings with ecumenical leaders in Moscow in 2017 and at the General Conference session in St. Louis in June 2022), vote whatever he wants (he was on the committee in 2001 that made spiritual formation something all thought leaders would learn within the denomination)and these present truth speakers/leaders ALL say absolutely nothing!!NOTHING!!!


These men, to a degree, will still denounce the papacy as the antichrist of the Bible but will treat Ted Wilson as an Adventist, infallible pope whose word is absolute!! This is insanity at its highest!!


“Today there is need of the voice of stern rebuke; for grievous sins have separated the people from God. Infidelity is fast becoming fashionable. "We will not have this man to reign over us," is the language of thousands. Luke 19:14. The smooth sermons so often preached make no lasting impression; the trumpet does not give a certain sound. Men are not cut to the heart by the plain, sharp truths of God's word. There are many professed Christians who, if they should express their real feelings, would say, What need is there of speaking so plainly? They might as well ask, why need John the Baptist have said to the Pharisees, "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" Luke 3:7. Why need he have provoked the anger of Herodias by telling Herod that it was unlawful for him to live with his brother's wife? The forerunner of Christ lost his life by his plain speaking. Why could he not have moved along without incurring the displeasure of those who were living in sin?

So men who should be standing as faithful guardians of God's law have argued, till policy has taken the place of faithfulness, and sin is allowed to go unreproved. When will the voice of faithful rebuke be heard once more in the church?”PK. Pgs. 140,141


     From Edward “A young male teacher by the name of Kachiza Boyd lives in the hills of North Western part of Zambia.  He works as a class teacher with his other colleagues.  Most teachers in Zambia who are working in remote places are given hardship incentives to help them cope up with life where there are few essentials and luxuries as compared to teachers in towns. Boyd who is married with one child has been working in this hilly region of Zambia for several years. One day last year during a school holiday, Boyd opted to spend his holiday at his in-laws with his wife in a Zambian town called Mongu. Remember P.B that this town of Mongu has been evangelized with a lot of DVDs with other materials and some of these materials were in the in-laws of Boyd.  God is wonderful. The holiday came and Boyd with his wife and their kid left for Mongu and they arrived safely at his in-laws’ home where he was so welcome. His in-laws prepared a room where Boyd with his small family will be staying and when everything else was arranged and prepared, Boyd retired to bed for he was tired. Before he could cover his body with a blanket, he looked in one corner of the room and saw a dusted paper but he did not mind but something told him to look again and when he looked again for the second time he read words ".... Changed it...."  At first, he tried to ignore but, in his mind, these words were coming up again and again and he was asking himself who changed what and who so he woke up and picked a dusted paper and read a full headline.  He was so interested and impressed to learn interesting study about the Catholic and the papacy. He happily learned how the papacy shifted the Sabbath to Sunday. That night was a great night to Boyd. In the morning of the other day, Boyd began to re-read the tract and his father in-law saw and recognized the paper. He walked closer to Boyd and smiled. Boyd stood up to greet his father - in-law and after shaking hands, his father in-law revealed to him that there are more tracts and DVDs if he was interested to learn more. Boyd's heart leaped with great joy to hear that there were more materials. The two walked together to the main house and Boyd was surprised to find more tracts and amazing DVDs. He decided to listen to the DVDs first before he could get more tracts. The father in-law of Boyd were Sabbath keepers who were changed by the same materials Boyd was now studying. So, a room was prepared and Boyd found himself listening to the American from Revelation series. This amazing series carried the mind of Boyd to the end of the world and he was so humbled, so pleased and so impressed with the first chapters from Revelation that you have taught P.B. The following days were so great to Boyd because he had something to listen to and he watched a lot of series and read a lot of books from his father in-law before his holiday ended.  One day he interviewed his father in-law how he got the materials and to his surprise, he learned that the family of his in-laws were Sabbath keepers.  He too became a Sabbath keeper with his wife. Originally, Boyd was having a New Apostolic faith.  As the holiday was ending, his father in law gave Boyd some DVDs with tracts to take home and he thanked God for the many lessons he learned while he was visiting. Boyd was a born-again man with a message to tell someone back home and upon arriving home, Boyd organized free Bible studies from his home and the Lord blessed his shows such that Boyd was leading 15 members. He further decided to share these lessons with his students in a class. He got a permission from the Head teacher to be using one classroom for his lessons.  God works in different ways. nearly all students gathered to hear and listen to the American. It was so interesting that a lot of students with some good teachers joined Boyd to photocopy the tracts which they distributed to other learners and teachers while some materials were taken to parents.  This work was running smoothly and a lot of people were happy with Boyd for the new light.  It was wonderful!!!  But then Satan was looking. After 2 months, that good headteacher was transferred to another school and there came a new headteacher who never knew Boyd. This new teacher was a Catholic and he had heard of what was going on at the school and he could not allow Boyd to use that classroom. Boyd stopped school evangelism and continued with community evangelism.  God blessed his faithful works until one day when he got sick and his headteacher decided to pay him a visit. When that headteacher reached the home of Boyd, he found lots of folks listening to the American and some of those folks were his Catholic members who were pleased to see him. This headteacher was confused and in shame decided to borrow one DVD to watch alone at his home.  P.B. God lives!!!   This headteacher was surprised to listen to the first chapter of Daniel and by the time he came to the close of that sermon, he was already interested to learn more truth. He became a hidden disciple of the lord and he became strong in the lord until one day he called for a school assembly and announced to all that Boyd serves the true God. He revealed how hard he was with him until he met the truth which he wanted to share publicly to all that each one of the learners and teachers should get the DVDs and learn what the world will never reveal.  This headteacher further went to his parish priest and told him to stop deceiving the blind about Sunday worship. He did some strange thing by distributing the "Who Changed it" tract to every member of that parish. He was caught by the youths and was beaten by the Catholic youths but he kept saying that truth will remain truth, you won’t change the truth even by shedding blood.  He was released after a group of men came to his aid. That was the last time this headteacher stepped into the Catholic church. He was later transferred to another school where am told he has continued to evangelize for the lord.  Boyd has also continued to spread the 3 angel’s messages in his area. This is what is happening P.B when those to whom truth was committed to have slumbered, God will raise stones to witness for Him. This kind of bravery is taking place in most places where we have sent materials to and the DVDs are opening the eyes of many about where we are. In the power of God, the new DVDs are helping a lot by revealing untold truths for our time. Praise the Lord.”

          From Texas “We just watched your sermon entitled—Elephant in the Room, which we very much appreciated.  We especially took note of what you said about Veith's erroneous view that; "there will not be a victorious people at the end of this earth's history." This took me back about 8 yrs., when we watched a video of Veith talking at some church, where he was answering questions. Someone in that large congregation, asked some question about perfection. Veith with a certain tone of disdain in his voice, said this:  " the teaching of perfectionism is idolatry."  I regret that we did not save that sermon.  So, we were not surprised, when you said he was teaching that; “there would not be a victorious people at the end of this earth's history." We listened to Veith's sermon given at a Romanian church in 2019, in which he boldly said—"this idea that we will stand at Christ's coming, with the perfect character of Jesus, is not Biblical or found in the SOP." It is no wonder at all that EGW said this about many SDA leaders at the end of time: “Many a star that we have admired for its brilliancy will then go out in darkness.”  5T 81

           From Kenya “These books are also restoring peace of mind to the heartbroken. I learned from one of our young workers at the various universities. This young man, a joyful and dedicated person has been instrumental in spreading your books and tracts at his Kabarak university. Unknown to me, he was undergoing depression brought by family issues and financial difficulties. It got so worse to the extent that he started contemplating suicide having kept to himself. He had no one to turn to at the campus since other students looked to him for encouragement as their role model in spiritual matters and it was at this dark moment, though frail and disheartened, that he turned to find solace from the Lord through the books. He used the books I sent him to established a campus library in their campus church. He gave himself to reading and I'm glad God intervened on his behalf. He just told me the ordeal he was going through and boldly told me that the Lord has given him victory since he has found peace in his heart and the evil thoughts no longer trouble him. He told me that especially the book "Finding the Path to Peace" helped restore and remind him of the everlasting Love and care of God. He wondered what would have happened had he not resolved to read that book which and marveled how God works in mysterious ways for hitherto he had interested himself with other books and had not read that one until the right time came. A cousin of mine who also was undergoing stress in her failed marriage, abandoned by her husband, sick and left penniless, was also in the verge of ending her life when I learned of her predicament, then prayed and encouraged her and also gave her some financial support since she was also hungry and broke and finally gave her the books to occupy her idle mind, she managed by God's grace to discipline her mind by taking courage to read them, and they have done a miraculous work in her life. That book among others assured her of God's love and helped change her evil thoughts. Last week she informed me that she wanted to surrender her life to Christ as the burden bearer and I was glad to hear that wonderful testimony from her, I plan to reach her physically soon to thank God together with her for rescuing her and also to help ground her in the present truth. These are some of the wonderful deeds of the Lord that He has wrought through your tireless efforts to spread the light through your materials in the world. God is surely reaching and preparing His people for the second coming (Christ's sheep are not only hearing His voice but also heeding His words). Glory be to God.”

          From Australia “I'm watching with interest your YouTube video Elephant in the Room. I have to say you are spot on. I would say most of the dumb dogs you speak of are sincere people, but are caught up in the corporate culture of the church. Thank-you for speaking the truth. I left the church about 2 years ago over a controversy around misappropriation and other child safety issues. Your messages are clear and concise and have encouraged me greatly. I wish I had means to support you, however God knows my situation and I'm sure if it changes I will give to you. Thank you again. Greetings and Blessings from Australia.”

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