Dear Friend,                                                                      July 2022 Newsletter

              The literature that many of you have sent for the work has been huge.  I want you to see this recent letter from Edward.  Oh friend, all the accolades he pours on me belong to all of you that have sent literature to me!  Where my name is called, put your name, friend!  Here is the letter, “Am smiling and feeling great for the most amazing books you have sent. There are health books on veg menus and cookery, there are other hard backs that are rare to find. And there is a special gift of a very good Bible with EGW comments to give to a newly converted priest. I am so thrilled and praising the Lord. Wow!!! P.B you are amazing!!! You are awesome!!  That X- priest shall be happy for the rest of his life. This is so amazing!!! There are 2 wonderful encyclopedias for herbs. What a blessing these books will bring to Rwanda, Ethiopia and Angola!!! I will be back this evening for more stories about these precious materials you have sent. We love you P.B. We appreciate you so much.”   This is because of you, friend!!  You send me wonderful books and look at the blessing!!!

               Our you tube channel is blessing people all over the world.  We recently surpassed the 750,000 views total and have nearly 5,000 subscribers.  However, you tube is playing games with us.  Kody and I did a talk about a year ago on the vaccine.  Around the first of June, they removed the video after a year and said it was offensive and did not have supportable evidence.  Ridiculous!  What we have done is to open accounts on Rumble, Bitchute, and Brighteon which are also channels where people can view videos.  We are transferring all videos to those channels as well.  So far, you tube has not cancelled us entirely, but we will see!  We will keep you posted!!

             Something amazing happened at the General Conference session being held from June 6-11 in St. Louis.  Jonathan Zirkle, a delegate from the General Conference, proposed that the Seventh-day Adventist Church reexamine its position on vaccines and that this topic be included on the agenda for the 61st General Conference Session. Jonathan Zirkle stated that the church’s present stance on vaccinations has caused many church members to suffer and has negatively impacted them during the Covid pandemic.  Friends, the denomination’s stance on vaccines has caused many an SDA great sorrow and even the loss of their jobs!  At this juncture in the proceedings, Ted Wilson came unexpectedly to the platform to speak!  He declared, ““I want to strongly urge … that we stand united in asking this body not to put that issue on the agenda. The General Conference has not mandated that people take the vaccination. It has given people a choice. This is not an agenda item for the General Conference. It is an administrative item. It has been dealt with and some people don’t like the way it has been dealt with, and that is their right. We respectfully, kindly, and very much in a determined manner ask that you, the delegates, vote ‘no’ on placing this item as an agenda item.”

            Ted Wilson took a stand on something, strongly urging that the item not be placed on the agenda and in a determined manner told the delegates to not discuss this issue.  What is so amazing is that Wilson took a stand.  Way back, over 11 years ago, when the novella ‘The Great Hoax’ was substituted for the Great Controversy, we have NO RECORD of Ted Wilson saying anything!  While Ganoune Diop traverses the globe in the ecumenical garb of friendship and unity with apostate Protestant and Roman Catholic leaders around the world, butchering the three angel’s messages in the process, we have NO RECORD of Ted Wilson urging that money stop being wasted on ecumenism and have NO RECORD of Ted Wilson urging in a determined manner that Diop be stopped or be given his walking papers!  While Adventism was receiving 75,000,000 dollars from the Federal government under the Paycheck Protection Program which would bring Adventism into a submissive stance toward ANYTHING the government wanted; while these funds would silence the voice of protest in Adventism over the draconian attacks on civil and religious liberty during the pandemic and would bring docile Adventism into a position whereby government policy would reign in Adventism, there is NO RECORD of Ted Wilson saying a single word urging to the contrary!  How is it that Wilson finds his voice when bleeding Adventists are asking for church support and nurture over the vaccine issue and get NO SUPPORT, but when truth is hanging in the balances, Wilson says NOTHING!!  This picture is grossly distorted!  When SDA’s are brought before the courts to answer for their faith, DO NOT expect Ted Wilson to stand up and speak for you!!

            From America “Thank you Pastor Bill and brother Kody, nailed it as usually, you guys confirm everything the Holy Spirit has shown me as a new born-again believer. Firstly, brother Kody, I'm with you to the death. Pastor Bill, in regards to your last comment regarding Spirit of Prophecy. I recently watched a video on Ellen White, asking, "what was her purpose if we only need the bible"? Quite simple, "she shines a light through a telescope to show us the way". I love that statement and how aptly put. God bless, you are all in my prayers.”

           From Edward “Raymond Kabwe was an elder of the SDA church in Central Zambia. He has served as an elder for several years until 2020 when he decided to leave the mainstream and work independently for the Lord. Seventh Day Adventists in Zambia and in other countries have been our worst enemies of truth. Their leaders mostly pastors are so ignorant about our truth for this time. When one elder with the truth God reveals some momentous truths from the DVDs or sop books attempts to shut off are made as he is perceived to be an offshoot because such a person did not follow the order of the church which is authorization of pastors to allow such an individual with the truth to share it or not. Most mainstream pastors here have become instruments of the devil; however, God is wise in how His truth is sent out. Whenever His truth is presented, it leaves a lasting stamp on such a person. Today, most SDA’s who are appreciating the truth and the sop books are those who are genuine truth seekers and they are not staying long in the church. We know this is happening all over the world as long as the truth is preached, tares rise up against it but the spirit of the Lord meets this falsehood with a high standard that separates the tares from God’s people. It was a few years ago when elder Raymond received the DVDs and the materials from us. He was so happy and pleased to have received them. He was longing to understand the hidden prophecies of Daniel and Revelation which for a long period of time, their local pastors had failed to teach from these books apart from promoting dancing music in churches. Elder Raymond upon receiving the materials went into much prayer as he was listening to every lesson from chapter to chapter of the two books. It took him several weeks to get through the entire series and he repeated listening to the DVDs again before he could share with others.  After he was well educated and informed, he learned a lot from the DVDs so much that this elder vowed to teach and share all what the wonderful American has revealed and taught. He believed and trusted that God had heard his prayer for wanting to have someone teach him about the 3 angels’ messages with other truths of our sacred faith. A satisfactory evening came when he assembled his family members with a few church members in his home and began to reveal to them that God has brought salvation in their home through the DVDs he had gotten. He further revealed to them that after watching every sermon that was so revealing with in-depth messages of prophecy, he was convinced in his mind and spirit to share the eternal truths with his family members first then in the church and finally to the world. As he was speaking, his good church members who had come to attend that first meeting of this elder in his home were nodding their heads in agreement with him.  Raymond told everybody that from that day, he was going to be playing the DVDs way up to the end of all the DVDs he had watched and at last everyone shall decide.  His family with other members were quiet as he spoke. Finally, he rose up and turned on the TV and played the first lesson in Daniel chapter 1. The first sermon was like sweet manna to the members who were watching. The lesson was so wonderful and so impressive so much that they continued to watch up to the 3 chapter and knelt for a prayer. That was Friday. Other members that were in attendance suggested that they won’t attend church service with a useless Sabbath school, rather, they will invite others to come here and listen the true live bread than listen to the rotten worthless talks of their pastor. Everybody agreed and they all dispersed. Sabbath morning came up and the group increased with more members that came to listen to the newest untold truths. That Sabbath was a great Sabbath to the family of Raymond and to the church members who decided to attend these meetings as invited by the first group.  P.B. God spoke mightily through the DVDs and by the time they ended the Sabbath day, everyone who had attended was revived.  This was a revival Sabbath meeting with this good beginning. After 3 weeks, nearly the entire church had shifted to elder Raymond’s house for very interesting and educative studies. A word went around and their local pastor learned about these studies. One day he called for elder Raymond and had a discussion with him in presence of some members who have been attending studies at Raymond’s house. The pastor asked Elder Raymond why he was stealing church members to his home by pretending to be a pastor?  Raymond answered the pastor that if he was stealing church members take him to the authorities for proof? The pastor replied to Raymond that you are rude to answer me like that !! have respect of me your pastor. While those words were in the mouth of that pastor, one zealous good member who was on the side of Raymond replied the pastor and told him that he should calm down and listen to elder Raymond, for he has truth which he doesn’t and that elder Raymond has not stolen your members, we have decided on our own to leave you with your church because you and your church do not have the truth but arrogance, pride and hypocrisy like ancient Jews. While this good member was talking, this pastor rose up and told the good member to shut up and sit down. The good member realized that the pastor won’t understand anything, he asked elder Raymond to leave. Raymond stood up with his good members and began to walk out, the pastor with his fallen members began to shower insults at them but Raymond’s group never replied any word. Now, when the pastor’s group saw that Raymond’s group was going silently without rebutting, one member from the pastor pulled Raymond and slapped him in the face and elder Raymond fell down. This action did not go well with Raymond’s group who outnumbered the pastor’s group. A fight broke out and that pastor was beaten by Raymond’s group and Raymond’s group prevailed. In the meantime, that pastor rose up and ran away to the police and reported the matter of assault.  In a short time while Raymond’s group was taking elder Raymond to a nearby health center, when the police arrived and arrested all of them. This matter was now being handled by the police. While at the police station, the pastor told the officers that Raymond was a thief and stubborn to steal away all his members to himself. He demanded that all the members get back to the church. He also falsely accused Raymond of assaulting him. That was the statement he gave it to the arresting officers. The turn came for elder Raymond to give his statement and what really happened. Elder Raymond began by telling the officers how he has been a leading church member in their church until one good day when he noticed that over 5 years of their local pastor, he has never read nor taught any lesson from Daniel and Revelation. He never bothered to ask him why but he prayed to God to send him someone who could explain to him in detail about the prophecies of the two books because the faith of Adventists anchor on these books with other books called SOP. As the elder was explaining this truth, the officers were quietly listening with keen interest at the same time, the pastor with his fallen members were moving their lips in denial to what Raymond was testifying. Raymond continued to say that it was when God sent unknown person with the wonderful DVDs and tracts to him as in answer to his prayer. When he turned to them, he realized that the DVDs contained special messages that revived his faith and explained well about the two books which he pastor present with his members are ignorant. After studying alone for few weeks, he was compelled to invited others to learn with him and not to steal members as this pastor is saying. The officers turned their eyes and looked at the pastor who looked in a different direction. Raymond continued by saying, after the invited members with his family members appreciated the lessons, they did invite others to freely come and learn with me until this pastor arranged for a meeting with me to accuse me that I have stolen his members and he was so arrogant with his people who started a fight with us. We never started up this thing it was him with his members. The officers appreciated the statement of Raymond and they had questions for the pastor. The first officer asked the pastor why he has never taught from Daniel and Revelation. The pastor replied that it was not yet time to teach the members from those books. The other officer asked the pastor that when should the books be taught then? He was quiet. Another officer asked the pastor why did his members start a fight when he was the one who had called the elder? The pastor was quiet again.  The third officer asked Raymond to produce the DVDs which he did. He had carried a few DVDs which he hoped that his pastor would be interested to listen to but that was not the case. The officers asked everyone to move to a common room where the DVDs were played. P.B. God is God, when the DVDs were playing, the officers got and got so attracted to the lessons they have never heard anyone talk about and loved the messages so much that it was like a scramble but Raymond told them that they can be duplicated and be given to all good officers willing to learn the truth. A lot of questions came from the officers who were now interrogating the pastor for being wrong and causing a breach of peace of assembly. He was charged together with his members and detained in police cells and released Raymond. Raymond with his group went outside the police station and began to negotiate with officers to release that false pastor with his members but the police told Raymond that unless all his church leaders should come here at the police then we can release them after we talk to his leaders. The group of Raymond called other leaders to come to the police station with family members of those that started a fight and the officers explained to them why they had detained their pastor with arrogant members for causing a breach of peace of assembly. The wives and relatives of those arrogant members scolded them with other elders who just learned the matter. The other elders were very disappointed with their pastor, they told the police that they no longer wanted him as he had embarrassed the church. After the release of that pastor with his members, a meeting was convened where a letter was sent to the conference and that pastor was dismissed and the members who caused the fight were censured for several months. In the meantime, the good elders of the church went to the home of elder Raymond and pleaded with him to come back to the church and teach the lessons that he was having. Raymond agreed to be teaching and showing the DVDs in the afternoon and refused to be a member of the SDA church. God has continued to lead this elder in Kabwe and he has since moved to his country home where he travels to other places with his DVDs and notes he has taken from the series.”


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Blessings to you,                                       P. Bill