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               Dear Friend,                                                         December 2023 newsletter


              The pendulum has swung so far to the left.  Thoughtful people are getting very sick of this situation.  We have people coming into America illegally by the hundreds of thousands; we have children who are being encouraged to change their gender; we have bathrooms where men or women can go in together; we have Bible believing Christians who are considered to be hate mongers.  Something has got to be done!  The very soul of America is at stake.  Unfortunately, when you have evil people manning the pendulum, the Jesuits, they will take it and swing it all the way to the other side and the result will be conservative, religious, fanatical, terrorism.  Rome has this in place all ready and it is called Project 2025!!         


     The Heritage Foundation has been in place since the 1970’s.  Here is the goal. “It is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical Left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on Day One of the next conservative Administration. This is the goal of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project. The project will build on four pillars that will, collectively, pave the way for an effective conservative Administration.”  Taken from the Heritage Foundation Website   These comments are a wee bit general.  Looking at their blueprint reveals where this is going.


     “Meanwhile in his chapter on the U.S. Department of Labor, Jonathan Berry frames his proposals as part of divine history. “The Judeo-Christian tradition, stretching back to Genesis, has always recognized fruitful work as integral to human dignity, as service to God, neighbor, and family,” he writes, while claiming the Biden administration “has been hostile to people of faith.” Berry worries that “God ordained the Sabbath as a day of rest, and until very recently the Judeo-Christian tradition sought to honor that mandate by moral and legal regulation of work on that day” and blames consumerism and secularism for the decline in Sabbath observance. But he’s not content to reminisce about the good ol’ days when Americans went to church. He wants the federal government to push people back to church, and calls on Congress to “encourage communal rest by amending the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to require that workers be paid time and a half for hours worked on the Sabbath.” Berry argues this would lead to higher costs that would reduce work on the Sabbath.”  When he refers to the Sabbath, he is talking about Sunday!  Project 2025                                                                                              


      From Edward “This story am sharing with you is coming from Uganda. I was told and shared this story by Pastor Albert and here goes this story. Exactly 6 years ago, the spirit of the Lord led you P.B to send a very revealing series about Feasts of the Tabernacle’s with contemporary amazing series from Ezekiel, Elijah etc.  I want to let you know that God guided these messages for a humble family which had no means but faith in God. I received the DVDs at that time and burned as usual more DVDs for sending out and I remember sending to Charles in Rwanda because that is where this story starts from.  A faithful humble family of a man I can only remember his second name as Fred as first names for many Africans are sometimes difficult to pronounce, pardon me to just call this family as Fred’s Family.  Mr. Fred was a farmer who grew a variety of vegetables for consumption and some for sale. He also had a few goats and chickens. He was survived by a wife and one son he called Junior.  They lived in the hills of Rwanda under Paul Kagame. (Talking about this Rwandan president Paul Kagame, I have news P.B to let you know that this president in 2020 got the DVD series and he has learned a lot and continues to learn more from his palace or presidential house.  How did this happen, it was during the Covid time when those books you amazing and wonderfully produced and sent, came to me and I sent some to Charles and when Charles was at the market place talking to people and distributing materials, one of the “Office of the President official we call here as the O.P. or someone we may refer to as a “CIA” official saw the book about Covid and Kagame was having problems  with that, this intelligence officer got the book and took it straight to Paul Kagame who was so happy, so happy P.B to receive that book in private and so he gladly read through the book in his privacy and asked for more from his good intelligence officer who brought him great good news.  That is how that intelligence officer someday found Charles and got more DVD series. He never told Charles that the DVDs were meant for Kagame but he pretended as if the DVDs are his as he could not reveal that it was the president who appreciated the Covid book and requested more materials. It took several years for this secret truth to be revealed to Charles when the same intelligence officer came to him to collect his own materials to use and he warmed Charles never to reveal what he had just told him about materials he gave Paul Kagame to anyone. As soon as I got this private news, I had to let you know my lovely P.B so that you know that it is not only common people that God is taking these amazing DVD messages to but to high profile men and women in private. This invisible work God is doing is preparing the people for the great harvest.  Every book, every pamphlet, every article that you include in the priority mails is carefully sent to someone in great need and that is my job I do here in my office. DVDs will keep knocking at the doors of strange people for God has a program with this generation. I always thank God to be part of you with T.T. I love my job of burning and sending out of the light from these powerful messages that God steering under His will to redeem this continent. I will say this again to you P.B that God bless you.)  May I now continue with my story. Mr. Fred used to pray and read his small new Testament Bible that he owned. Let me also talk about Bibles here P.B.  I want to make it know to you that those Bibles you send, large print or any size be it Study Bibles with EGW quotes, those who receive them are truly those I have known to be in dare need and are usually leaders of our several groups in many countries. I have a list of those folks who are yet waiting for their time to receive those Bibles when God provides them through your hands P.B.  The people treasure the Bibles and keep like they take care of their eyes. Am told how happy they are, how they pronounce blessings upon you from their mouths without teeth, other folks express their gratitude to you in a sweet hour or prayer and this joy has continued to go on to the multitude. That is why I am always happy when I receive the boxes for they contain golden materials we treasure. I have appreciated children materials and shared them. Wow!!!  let me continue with my story. Sorry, I am just excited his Sabbath morning to share with you this update. So, Mr. Fred one good day met Charles at the market place which is open to all where he speaks to people who come from many places and gives them tracts and books with DVDs to those he sees that they are really truth seekers. Mr. Fred was so pleased to receive tracts about many topics that changed his day. He learned many lessons quickly and later he got the first series of DVDs about the Feasts.  He watched this series with his wife and son and began to worship with Charles.  Charles revealed to this good mam more DVD series which made him an Adventist remnant in his family with the zeal to be an evangelist of God. While he was getting ready to work with Charles, Fred’s elder brother who was living in Uganda died and he went to attend the burial of his brother with his wife and son. After the burial, Fred was caught up with severe malaria. He was bitten by deadly mosquitoes that transmitted malaria. He was kept for a few days without taking him quickly to the health center until he lost a lot of white blood cells and by the time he was rushed to the nearby health center, Fred unfortunately died. This was a terrible trying moment for his wife and his son. The relatives of Fred tried to comfort Fred’s wife but after some days, she found a Baptist missionary who employed her as cleaner. She was happy to find that job. While Mrs. Fred and her son lived in a small apartment, Junior for strange reasons, carried with him one DVD in his small bag and he used to ask his mother to play that DVD. But the situation could not allow. Until that Baptist missionary one day say Junior with a DVD and asked Junior what was in that DVD and when the Missionary watched that DVD, he loved the message and allowed Junior to keep watching his DVD but then that white missionary from U.K inquired for more DVDs or where he can get some, Junior had no answer but his mother explained it all how they found the DVD in Rwanda. This strange missionary sponsored a man to go with Mrs. Fred back to Rwanda and collect the DVDs and come back to Uganda.  That happened P.B and to cut this story short, that good missionary got all the DVDs and began to watch them until the time when there were elections in Uganda that he left for UK for his safety as Yoweri Museveni’s rule was scary for expatriates. This missionary left enough funds to Mrs. Fred so that she may settle somewhere she may like for the missionary did not know when he may come back to Uganda. That is how Junior lived with his mother in Uganda until late last year that Junior who was now of age travelled to Lubumbashi for some business and in God’s good arrangement met Pastor Ada during an evangelism meeting where Junior shared this story about his faith odyssey.  God was praised and will continue to be praised. It was a wonderful moment Junior had with Pastor Albert. Part of the bulk boxes you sent were given to him and am happy that junior has the whole series he has ever desired to have as he is living the dream of his father to be an evangelist for God not in Rwanda but in Uganda. May this story inform the good folks that their prayers for this work in Africa and their support is bearing fruits unto the day of the lord.”


     From Uganda “In August/26th/2023, we celebrated the 25th year remembering the Lord's call to separate from the structure church of SDA organization in 1998 August. We are thankful for what the Lord has done in the work here in Uganda through your ministration. Thank you for furnishing us with all kinds of materials for the ministry work. "We have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us..." LS 196. Thank you for the pamphlets entitled "lest we forget" which were included in the various kinds of reading materials you sent us last month. I have been searching for a clear-cut explanation concerning the "1888 experience" but to no avail, but thank you so much to provide a food for the thought by sending these pamphlets. It is long since we last received boxes of literature materials last month, we haven't got any material for work the whole of this September month, and there is a dearth in the stores to which many of our literature evangelists have come for materials but finding nothing. Nevertheless, we continue with church work in revival gatherings, building, of worship places, visiting those who want to learn the truth after reading our publications...

 Responses from outside:  The SDA organization members were perplexed  and confused after their camp meeting as they were told to follow the modern way of worship in singing and reading scriptures, telling them how the logo was changed... but thank you for the tract entitled "the 3 angle waves" to which many who received it said "what you say is the truth, what you say is the truth. Also, the tract entitled "What happens when you die" has attracted many people's attention especially when at funeral occasions. It has helped the evangelists as an entering wedge and paves the way for people to ask and take other books. Most responses at funerals after reading this tract; ‘we have been deceived’ ‘this is the truth’ ‘where have you been with this message for so long’ ‘we want more books’ ‘come and teach us these things’ ‘You have opened our eyes’ ‘we have seen the light’.   May God bless you.”


     From Malawi “It is my pleasure to reach out to you again. I hope you are doing very well in this troublous world in which life has become challenging in every dimension spiritually, politically, and physically. But that notwithstanding, we need to apply all our energies to conduct evangelism. Many signs of the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ are simultaneously being fulfilled. Our work of distributing literature is advancing. I am making sure that every opportunity to preach the gospel both within groups in the church and without the church is taken advantage of. We are making headway in ensuring that both tracts and books are given to the interested parties who would like to read or study for themselves the truth of the three angels' message. I have shared the literature in most of the 14-day seminars (we normally call Efforts in our district) meetings conducted within my proximity sharing the tracts. Every day, I receive requests of materials from friends to people who need a reading resource.  So my plea is that, as long as the Lord blesses you with resources, please remember to supply me with the literature. The real impact of our collaboration in this work will be known in the kingdom of God. It is my prayer for the Lord to help me prepare for an entry through the gate in the kingdom.” Phillip Kapulula,  University of Malawi, Zomba,  Republic of Malawi.


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January,  February     No appointments due to hip surgery!!!

April 20    Countryside Fellowship  Pastor Al and Kaye Fletcher  509 258-6992



Blessings to you,

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