Dear friend,                                                                                                  February Newsletter 2021


        Journey Magazine is the official “division wide” publication of the North American Division. Journey Magazine, together with Adventist World, a General Conference magazine, is sent to every member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church within the North American Division. The December 2020 issue of Journey Magazine contained an article on page 8 entitled “I’m an Adventist, Not a Conspiracy Theorist.” Sounds like the two are at odds with one another!  Are they?  If I’m an Adventist, can I believe in conspiracy?  Or No?  When checking out this article, I found the author distancing himself from the idea of conspiracy.  Notice what he said, “The time is right for Adventists to take courage in sharing Jesus as the hope for humanity and to place emphasis on end of times prophecy. But we need to do so in a new, more relevant way. Our tendency is to obsess over political events and concoct elaborate conspiracy theories. But this does us few favors in a contemporary, educated society…. In place of conspiracy theories and fearmongering about the end of the world, I suggest we insert the good news of Jesus Christ in the context of objective facts about what’s happening to our planet….   


          I marvel at this man and others who dare to call conspiracy a theory when Revelation 17 and 18 reveal a classic conspiracy at the end of time wherein the papacy, the politicians, the rich, and the churches are untied together to promote an agenda which will result in a Sunday law that will bring destruction on man and beast!  Conspiracy is not a theory; it is a fact!!  Is promoting conspiracy meant to lead to fear or is it a protection against the mechanisms of the devil agents to save the world in rebellion against God?  “I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely, he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”  Psalms 91:2-4   The Bible says that the truth is a protection and shield against all the apostasies of these final days!  Clearly, Revelation 17 and 18 are a protection, not fear!


          Since conspiracy is so obvious in the Bible and the SOP, why does this ‘Adventist’ magazine try to steer clear of it?  Since conspiracy is so obvious, why do the Finley’s, Bachelor’s, Shelton’s and the like refuse to discuss it?  I think the answer comes very clearly from an Adventist pastor in Silverton, Oregon several years ago.  We had mass mailed the Enemy Unmasked to that entire town and the local Adventist pastor and his congregation were offended by the book.  This is what he said in the local newspaper.  “I recently received in the mail a book entitled ‘Enemy Unmasked’.  At first, I thought it was mailed to a select few, but then I came to realize that it had a larger circulation... As pastor, I feel it my duty to tell the residents of Silverton that our church was not responsible in any way in the production or mailing of this material.  Further, we do not approve of the contents of this volume… “‘The Enemy Unmasked’, however, goes far beyond that to link many groups and individuals into a world-wide conspiracy that we do not believe is correct, and in fact, is very inflammatory and damaging to the efforts of Christian brotherhood and goodwill.  I enjoy very much my fellowship with all Christian pastors and believers in my community, and I deeply regret that this book was printed and distributed anywhere.  I believe it is harmful to the cause of Christ.” 


          Bingo!  There it is!   The Adventist pastor in Silverton and, for that matter, Adventist pastors around the globe, want to be in ecumenical harmony with the pastors of other churches.  They enjoy their fellowship with pastors of other churches.  These other churches, that the Bible refers to as Babylon in Rev. 14 and 17, have become brethren in Christ to the Adventists and they like that!  Anything that would hurt that relationship is to be shunned!  This pastor is verbalizing why Ted Wilson was in Moscow, why Diop is at all ecumenical gatherings, and why the big ministries say nothing about conspiracy.  They want to be at peace, to have fellowship with the other churches, and anything that hurts that is to avoided! 


          So, what is our message to the other churches that the Bible calls Babylon?  Is it, we are all alike, let us fellowship together?  What about this message?  “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore, shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”  Revelation 18:4-8 So, which message are you giving and which one will you give?  The denomination will not give the loud cry of Revelation 18!  Will the major ministries?  Will Finley, Bachelor, and 3 ABN?   The writing is on the world.


         From Edward “In land of Chiengi, there are more than 5 home churches for separated brethren who have since received the books, magazines, picture rolls, Bibles with many amazing materials. These people have smiles on their faces and they have since praised the Lord for visiting them in a very rare time when they hardly expected the materials. Chiengi is undeveloped area with people that are very poor but the government of Zambia has set up schools to educate the children. The people of this area live within borders with Congo D.R, Rwanda and Tanzania. They grow crops such as maize, cassava, millet and vegetables for consumption and for sale. Their little income mainly is spent on home supplies. The Chiengi people cross into one of these neighboring countries to buy what they want and most of them have bought TV sets with DVD players and radios. They also use solar to charge some of their electrical appliances. Because of the rise in population which came as a result of ethnic wars from Goma, Central African Republic and South Sudan, most refugees have found solace in this area and the government of Zambia has since established police stations to help restore peace in the communities. Other non-governmental organizations like UNHCR have their presence.                                                                                                                                             


          At one of the schools in Chiengi is a truth seeker who is a head of the school. The name of that head teacher of that school is Matthew Mwale. This man uses his bicycle to get to the small town to get his monthly salary. The distance is about 25 Km that he cycles every time he wants to buy something. Vehicles are scarce, the only vehicle one may see is an ambulance or a police van that passes through the gravel road. Besides all the hardships of living in a rural area, these people are happy. One good day, Matthew was riding his bicycle to his town to draw a salary and on his way, he met a strange man walking with power pack materials that were loaded with tracts and DVDs in his bag coming in the opposite side. The stranger stopped and greeted Matthew who replied politely. The stranger was asking how far it was from the nearest school where he was going. Matthew told him that it was about 9 Km away from here and he asked what was his mission to that school, the stranger answered Matthew that he was actually going to seek permission from the head teacher if he could be allowed to show a few students and teachers Daniel and Revelation series.  On hearing that, the head teacher of that school got anxious to know what the stranger meant by saying Daniel and Revelation series. Matthew who did not want to miss out from knowing what the stranger wanted to show the students and other members of staff, he asked the strange if he could wait at his home. The strange was so pleased to hear that from a man he has just met on the way. Matthew pulled a small piece of paper and wrote a small introductory note to his wife to allow the stranger to wait for him until he gets back home. He then gave the stranger and instructed him to give to his wife. How happy was the stranger? Matthew left quickly cycling his bicycle like an athlete. The stranger finally reached the school and went to the house of Matthew. Upon presenting the note from Matthew, he was allowed to get in those living room and seat. In the meantime, Matthew arrived at their small town and he got the funds and bought food supplies and started off back home with his heart pumping. The wife of Matthew made the stranger comfortable by giving him food to eat and when he has eaten, the stranger started to prepare the DVDs. The wife of Matthew checked on to see what the stranger was doing and she saw strange CDs which were DVDs for Daniel and Revelation series. She came close to the stranger and asked what were those DVDs for. The stranger in reply to the woman, asked for a TV and the DVD player with the presence of all the family members to come and see. It did not take long when every family member of Matthew gathered around the stranger with some neighbors of Matthew who wanted to witness what the strange had brought to Matthew’s family. Yes, the stranger was granted permission to use the TV and the DVD player. Before doing anything, the stranger asked everybody to kneel for a prayer which he prayed, afterwards, he introduced himself as a brother in Christ from Ndola who has come to share the most amazing prophecies of unrevealed prophecies from Daniel and Revelation. The gathered members were more than 10 and they were anxious to see what he wanted to share with them. So, the stranger played the first DVD from Daniel and it was so overwhelming to see the quietness that was exhibited in that room with solemnity. It was so wonderful to see the American speak clearly about the Hebrew boys and how God blessed them. Everybody was so thrilled to listen and after 30 minutes, Matthew arrived and he found a large gathering of people listening to the subject that he has been struggling to study. He was so surprised and he quickly packed what he had bought and informed his wife to take care of the kitchen while he joined the group in listening the last part of the first DVD. When that DVD was over, Matthew thanked God and told the stranger that he was like an angel sent by God to his home. He revealed to the stranger that he was an Adventist elder who had struggles to understand Daniel and Revelation and it was like a dream how God brought him to his home. He praised the Lord!! The stranger revealed to Matthew how he was also impressed to come to Chiengi and have studies from the DVDs. The two men knelt for a prayer as they continued with the second DVD in Daniel series. That night was like a holy night. No one went to bed until past midnight. By then more people had come in to join others in the living room as Matthew’s was small, so a decision was quickly made to shift to a classroom the other day to accommodate more people. The morning was so quick and people did not want to rest until they hear what happened in the next DVD. The next meeting was scheduled to start at 2:00 pm and at this time, nearly all school teachers with some parents assembled and were seated in one classroom. They were now more than 80 people packed on class desks with the TV in front and the American speaking to these truth seekers. It was all glory P.B.!!!  Matthew praised the Lord and shed tears to see the love of God in his life. The meeting ended at midnight after listening to the 7th DVD. The whole community was being blessed each day when the DVD series was speaking to these people. The stranger stayed there for 14 days.  Matthew and the community have learned about the true Sabbath, the papacy and many more lessons from Revelation series. The stranger returned back to Ndola with this report and that stranger is no other than my co-worker here in Ndola whom we sent to this region. Today this group has continued to watch other video sermons from the DVDs that I have continued to send them. Just today, I have sent 300 different DVD series to this group. We do not want to leave a home unturned with the flying DVD messages. God bless you P.B.


         From Canada “Shifting subject, I had a bad reception with your book. The pastor said, “he’s going too far with the depopulation theory, I would need more proof “. I told him that he agrees with the crime, but in order to condemn the crime, he would need to understand the motives. How stupid! The Discussion stalled after that. I phoned a couple of people and they do not seem to want to speak with me anymore! It’s the lukewarm church that revelation talks about. Another French speaking Adventist ministry on YouTube here just laughed at the conspiracist (I believe talking about me). How sad that they refuse to proclaim the 2nd angels’ message and identify Babylon. JFK did more as a Catholic to expose Babylon with the little truth he had, then them with the writings of EGW. Also, I told them that they are not lights according to Ephesians 5:11-13. According to EGW, lights that will not shine are passed by and God raises someone else. I have a woman that comes and clean up my house once a week here. She is Muslim and she is more interested than the church in your book. I gave her 2 copies as her brother who lives in London UK wanted one copy as well. So, some people are open! I will distribute the book one by one as the Church does not want to help.”

          From Ghana “Praise the Lord, today I am enlightened on the whole story of covid 19. While I thought this pandemic is one of the signs of Christ second coming, I am now educated that this is not just a sign but a plan by the papacy through Dr. Fauci in order to suppress people and get control of the world to persecute his agenda. Your book has changed my perception and leads me to the truth. I am going to share this new truth and change people perception about the coronavirus and make them aware about the plans of the papacy to carry his agenda.”

From Kenya “This past Sabbath, there was drama in one of the central sda's church here in Nakuru. Your messages, both the tracks and books, have well been circulated among this people. As I have been updating you in the recent past that I have been depending on the help of some elders to give out these materials to their flocks, and indeed they have been reading them, for the few churches we have reached. And so, one of these elders called me to inform me what transpired in their church on Sabbath. For some reasons still unknown to me, several pastors from the conference were in attendance that day. And so this congregation, majority of them having read your books and tracks including the recent one and being convinced beyond any reasonable doubts that they represented the truths they ought to be receiving from their shepherds, had so many burning questions in their hearts and all hell broke loose when they demanded to be told by the pastors why they are not being taught three angels messages anymore in their churches, they were so angry and became more infuriated when the toothless shepherds could not give them satisfactory answers to their demands, the worship was turned to chaos and threats as some threatened to withdraw paying their tithes unless the conference starts teaching them the truths of this time, no mention of the beast, and when they hold their annual crusades, white preachers are sent by the Conference to be guest speakers who when preaching about prophecy only teaches Daniel 2 alone, no mention of Daniel 7 or even Revelation, they claimed to be tired of Smooth sermons and that they are tired of how things are, and guess what drove them to action? Your books which they had read, gave them insight and realization that things were not okay. Some brave members even told the pastors that a certain independent Pastor was speaking the truth in his books and keeping them updated on the prophetic events. The elder informed me that some of them loudly acknowledged that the book covid-19 has awakened them to the urgency of adequate preparation as they now understand its hidden agenda for the world. And to my amazement, they also hailed the book "Three angels over Africa" among other materials that have helped awaken and strengthen their faith. They were quick to comment that while they were spiritually asleep, others were zealously working for the Lord spreading these truths across the globe. And so, this elder, while still making appeal to me that there's a great need to continue arousing this thirsty SDA's by even reaching more of them from other churches, he reminded me that the book "Three angels over Africa" among others are highly needed by this people. Surely, a storm is brewing among the sincere and sooner or later, some may be forced to separate themselves as they seek for nothing but the truth which is seldom found in their churches.”


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