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          Dear friend,                                                                                            March 2023 Newsletter

         History is a fascinating read!  It not only tells you of past events, but those past events have sooo much to do with today!!  Did you know that immigration, not illegal immigration, was a huge factor in the mind of Rome to gain control of the United States?   The famous inventor of the Morse Code, Samuel B. Morse, former Secretary of the Navy near the turn of the 20th century, R. W. Thompson, and Charles Chiniquy, quoting a Catholic priest, all agreed that Rome, via the Congress of Vienna, and Clement von Metternich, Austrian sovereign, used the immigration of Catholics from Europe in the 1800’s to flood America with Roman Catholics to change America from Protestantism to Catholicism.  “The sovereigns of the "Holy Alliance” had massed large armies, and soon entered into a pledge to devote them to the suppression of all uprisings of the people in favor of free government; and he desired to devote the Jesuits, supported by his pontifical power, to the accomplishment of that end.  He knew how faithfully they would apply themselves to that work, and hence he counseled them, in his decree of restoration, to strictly observe the “useful advices and salutary counsels'' whereby Loyola had made absolutism the corner-stone of the society.”  Thompson’s, Footprints of the Jesuits, pg. 251
           Notice how immigration was used as quoted by Morse to overtake America.  “The subject of immigration is one of those which demands the immediate attention of the nation, it is a question which concerns all parties: and if the writer is not mistaken in his reading of the signs of the times, the country is waking to a sense of the alarming evil produced by our naturalization laws. Let us war among ourselves in party warfare, with every lawful weapon that we can convert to our purpose…. The great body of emigrants to this country are the hard-working mentally neglected poor of Catholic countries in Europe, who have left a land where they were enslaved, for one of freedom. However well-disposed they may be to the country which protects them, and adopts them as citizens, they are not fitted to act with judgment in the political affairs of their new country, like native citizens educated from their infancy in the principles and habits of our institutions. Most of them are too ignorant to act at all for themselves, and expect to be guided wholly by others. These others are of course their priests. Priests have ruled them at home by divine right; their ignorant minds cannot ordinarily be emancipated from their habitual subjection, they will not learn nor appreciate their exemption from any such usurpation of priestly power in this country, and they are implicitly at the beck of their spiritual guides. They live surrounded by freedom, yet liberty of conscience, right of private judgment, whether in religion or politics, are as effectually excluded by the priests, as if the code of Austria already ruled the land. They form a body of men whose habits of action, (for I cannot say thought,) are opposed to the principles of our free institutions, for they are not accessible to the reasonings of the press, they cannot and do not think for themselves. Every unlettered Catholic emigrant, therefore, that comes into the country, is adding to a mass of ignorance which it will be difficult to reach by any liberal instruction, and however honest, (and I have no doubt most of them are so,) yet from the nature of things they are but obedient instruments in the hands of their more knowing leaders to accomplish the designs of their foreign masters.”   FOREIGN CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE LIBERTIES OF THE UNITED STATES.  Samuel Morse “
         “The Congress of Vienna was a black conspiracy against Popular Governments at which the ‘high contracting parties’ announced at its close that they had formed a ‘holy alliance.’ This was a cloak under which they masked to deceive the people. The particular business of the Congress of Verona, it developed, was the RATIFICATION of Article Six of the Congress of Vienna, which was in short, a promise to prevent or destroy Popular Governments wherever found, and to reestablish monarchy where it had been set aside. The ‘high contracting parties’ of this compact, which were Russia, Prussia, [Germany], Austria, and Pope Pius VII, king of the Papal States, entered into a secret treaty to do so. —Burke McCarty, The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Arya Varta Publishing, 1924, p. 7.    This evil conspiracy against America would be fomented by the papacy using immigrants to flood America’s cities.  
         Listen to the priest. “We are also determined to take possession of the United States; but we must proceed with the utmost secrecy. Silently and patiently, we must mass our Roman Catholics in the great cities of the United States, remembering that the vote of a poor journeyman, though he be covered with rags, has as much weight in the scale of powers as the millionaire Astor, and that if we have two votes against his one, he will become as powerless as an oyster. Let us then multiply our votes; let us call our poor but faithful Irish Catholics from every corner of the world, and gather them into the very hearts of the cities of Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, Albany, Troy, Cincinnati. Under the shadows of those great cities, the Americans consider themselves a giant unconquerable race. They look upon the poor Irish Catholics with supreme contempt, as only fit to dig their canals, sweep their streets and work in their kitchens. Let no one awake those sleeping lions, today. Let us pray God that they continue to sleep a few years longer, waking only to find their votes outnumbered as we will turn them forever, out of every position of honor, power and profit! … What will those so-called giants think when not a single senator or member of Congress will be chosen, unless he has submitted to our holy father the pope! We will not only elect the president, but fill and command the armies, man the navies, and hold the keys of the public treasury…Then, yes! then, we will rule the United States and lay them at the feet of the Vicar of Jesus Christ, that he may put an end to their godless system of education and impious laws of liberty of conscience, which are an insult to God and man! — Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Chick Publications, pp. 281,282.
         Today, Rome is bringing into America immigrants illegally in order to take over America.  “Cardinal Roger Mahony electrified the U.S. immigration reform debate by announcing on March 1, 2006 (Ash Wednesday), that he would instruct archdiocesan priests and lay Catholics to ignore provisions in a House-passed “enforcement only” bill (H.R. 4437) — were they to pass — that would make it a crime to assist unauthorized immigrants. Since then, the Catholic Church has played a central role in the immigrant-led protests that have swept the country. The church has encouraged parishioners to participate in the protests, offered bishops and priests as speakers, and served as an interlocutor for its newcomer members before Congress and in other public forums. The Catholic Church occupies the center of the U.S. debate on immigration, and not by accident.”  Migration Policy Institute, May 1, 2006
         From Kenya “To begin with, I am forever grateful for the materials that are doing a wonderful work among many folks. A certain Sunday preacher who I had given several tracts and books and of whom I managed to study with at some time but promised to search more before making a determined decision, I just came to realize that the message was not meant for him but rather for his teenage daughter around seventeen years of age. As she came home for the holidays after school was closed, she found the books and tracts that her father had placed in the house. She started reading them one by one and the Holy Spirit started to impress her hearts with these truths. One day exactly two weeks ago, I heard someone knocking at my door. It was the pastor’s daughter who came in search of truth. She had problem understanding some of the messages she had read and she came to be taught and guided into all the truth. Her name is Diana. She had read the tracts the change of the Sabbath, Seal of God, Revelation 17, true Christianity, the book Sunday law and by that time she was progressing with the Great Controversy. We had studies for three consecutive days as she kept coming as she was thirsty for truth, she even defied her father's command not to attend such studies but she braved all for the sake of truth. Unknown to me, whenever she went back home she would discuss with her mother all that we had learned. By the end of the three days she had learned and understood the true Sabbath as Saturday and was convicted that it was changed as she had read in Dan 7:25 and how I made her to understand. I was in for a big surprise when on Sabbath she came to our place of worship. She was not alone. Diana was accompanied by her mother and her younger brother. They testified that they had made the firm decision to become Sabbath keepers after reading the materials that was brought in their home by the dad and how I assisted her to understand the everlasting messages. The mother and the daughter wondered how God can use every means to reach His children thirsting for truth. They pledged to pray to their husband/father who was spiritually blind that God may open his eyes and to accept these truths which he had rejected. When the Sabbath was over and they returned home after being apparently satisfied with our worship and teachings compared to what they have been accustomed to every Sunday, things turned out sour at home. The father was furious and quarreled them why they dared go to a Sabbath church. But they stood their ground. The next day, Sunday was a day for more drama. The pastor demanded his family to accompany him to his church as usual but they declined saying they can't keep two days since they had worshipped on the true day of worship as found in the Bible. The man was obviously outraged and decided to vent his anger on me for turning the hearts of his family from worshipping with him as their custom. He claimed that he will be ridiculed by his seniors and other members of his church for allowing his family to worship differently with him. All I could tell him is that his family had learned truth and had made a conscious choice. He is still raging with wrath as his wife and daughter has stood their ground and no turning back, they said it is better to obey God rather than men and I'm just praying that the man will eventually be convinced by the firmness of his family.”
         From Edward “Am glad to share with you yet another update which has been on my list of updates to send you. Certainly, like I had promised you, in the morning. I now want to talk about that White South African whom I took a picture of him with brother Wise and with other brothers together.  Here is the faith story of him P.B. The white man is Craig Brown. He is a wild life worker for South African national parks. The South African government had an operation in Namibia to buy certain animal species that is about to be depleted in that country. Now it came to pass that, Craig Brown with his work mates were camping near the village of our brother Wise Bupilo. What is interesting is that brother Wise Bupilo is wild life employee of Namibia and during the operation of South African government where Craig was part of the team, the two camps met together and that is how Wise Bupilo met Craig in the following circumstance. Wise Bupilo a worker for Namibian wild life was responsible for leading the South African team to places where the type of animals they were looking for were and he knew the places well. So, for several days, he led the South Africans with Craig Brown. One good noon and after a tiresome search for animals, the White South African team decided to take a break and have their lunch under a good shade of large deciduous African trees. During that time, Wise was resting in another tree shade where he was re-reading a “Who Changed It” tract. Wise carries tracts with other SOP Books with him in his small bag for reading when he is free and resting before quitting time.  The eye of God was watching a lost South African soul which was about to enter into the Kingdom of God.  While Craig was having his lunch, he raised his head to check on Wise and he was surprised to see him busy reading something interesting as Wise was deeply absorbed in what he was reading. After some minutes, Craig noticed something unusual on what Wise was reading and so he walked to where he was and saw what he was reading. As Craig was approaching the shade of Wise, he glanced the writings that he read as “Who Changed It” Craig was thrilled to inquire what was changed and who changed what. He stood behind Wise and when Wise noticed the presence of Craig, he thought that him with the South African team had ended their lunch and that it was time to move on but that was not the case. It was time that God had set to bring Craig in the net of heaven. He was surprised and anxious to read a bit more and what he read got his attention and he got the tract from Wise and scanned through it then looked at Wise and told Wise that he wanted to borrow that tract so that he can read it that night and return it back in the morning but Wise broke the good news to him that he was giving him that tract to be his and no need to borrow. Wise even added more tracts that he gave Craig. Lunch time was over and Craig with his team and Wise continued the search with what they were doing for the rest of that afternoon but that afternoon was different afternoon for Craig. Behind his back of the mind was a vivid writing which was coming back and forth “Who Changed It.”  Finally, time to end their work day came and everybody retired to his tent. Craig took a shower and locked himself inside his tent and read the tract with an open mind several times.  God opened his eyes to that truth and he appreciated knowing that Sabbath which he thought was Sunday was actually Saturday where as the masters of Catholics changed this day to the first day of the week. This info was a key turning point to Craig. He has not been to any Church but remembered how to say a few words to God in prayer and that night is what Craig did. He told God to open his eyes and to give him understanding of His word. In the morning, he went to the tent of Wise and asked for more tracts and Wise this time around gave him a GC with other Conflict series books that he appreciated a lot. Those books were a great gift he has never received from anyone. He spent a week to read the books and when Sabbath came, he told Wise that he was going to rest like God did in the beginning. Then Wise told him that, he was right and God was going to bless him but he had a friend who wanted to speak to him concerning the word of God. Craig told Wise that, that was fine with him and let him in!!! Wise brought the Power-Pack series and Craig was so pleased to play the DVDs and see you P.B and he was very happy and his heart was open to listen to everything you have revealed in Daniel and Revelation. That is how Craig got converted into Adventism and before he left for South Africa, he was baptized. Craig is in South Africa and has continued to learn from the DVDs and from the books. He is at peace and praising the Lord for the much help he learned from the DVDs which has helped him to understand God and His will for mankind. He has all the DVDs and I shall keep sending Wise more DVDs with Kennedy to share with him and more people from Prisons. I have an update on the work for Prisons in Namibia and Zambia to share with you P.B. Your efforts P.B are guided by unseen heavenly watchers who lead the blessed materials with DVD messages to those our Lord died for, whose lives are bound for the Kingdom of God.”

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Blessings to  you,                                                         

Pastor Bill

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