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About Truth Triumphant

"What speech is to thought, so is Christ to the invisible Father. He is the manifestation of the Father, and is called the Word of God. God sent His Son into the world, His divinity clothed with humanity, that man might bear the image of the invisible God. He made known in His words, His character, His power and majesty, the nature and attributes of God. Divinity flashed through humanity in softening, subduing light. He was the embodiment of the law of God, which is the transcript of His character" Ellen White, Manuscript 77, 1899

History of Truth Triumphant Ministries:


          Truth Triumphant began in 1995 after Pastor Bill Hughes was fired from Prophecy Countdown with John Osborne. Bill and his wife Hoda felt very strongly that there were individuals in the central Florida region that needed to be ministered to. Originally, Bill's ministerial career had been on the west coast of the United States, and after some prayer and contemplating five different ministerial job offers, Bill and Hoda Hughes decided to stay in Florida. They began meeting in their home, but after a short time, the home became too small, so Truth Triumphant moved to a local building, then finally in its current Umatilla, FL location. The Lord blessed the work as Bill had created contacts all over the world from a short wave radio program during Prophecy Countdown.  Pastor Bill Hughes addressed his contacts via newsletter, correspondence, and notified them that they were starting their own ministry in Truth Triumphant. From the very beginning, Pastor Hughes received invitations to speak at various churches in various locales across the United States and the globe. Roughly five years after Truth Triumphant began, Paul and Rita came on board with the ministry, bringing with them a deep conviction to do outreach. Eventually the idea was presented to begin doing mass mailings, which Truth Triumphant has done since about 2004. First mailing the books, then eventually covering more addresses faster by mailing pamphlets. We absolutely believe that the Holy Spirit has led in all these ideas, outreach, and uniting of Christ-focused convictions. Literature has been sent out over the short wave radio contacts for over 20 years, while the mass mailings have continued for over a decade. Moreover, through these means, Truth Triumphant is grateful to say that we have almost 5 thousand Bible Study students currently enrolled in the Bible Study program offered by the mailings. After September 11th, feeling a strong conviction from the Holy Spirit, Pastor Hughes wrote the book the Secret Terrorists in order to expose the attack against civil and religious liberty in the United States by the Papacy through time. Thankfully this book has spread greatly, which in turn increased speaking appointments across the world. Recently, Truth Triumphant has setup a YouTube Channel, which began in 2016, and is now offering this website as a means of further outreach!

Bill's Story . . .

I was not raised a Seventh-day Adventist. Instead, I was raised in a Methodist home, and we would go to church every Sunday. As a late teen, we came into a family crisis in our home with an older brother, that led me to see my desperate need for Jesus Christ, and I accepted Him as my Savior back in 1976. At that point I really wanted to learn the Bible, and I met a Seventh-day Adventist woman who introduced me to her pastor and we studied the Bible together for many months. And in October of 1977, I became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I then, went on and became a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and teacher; and I did that, I worked as a pastor and a teacher within the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1985 to 1992. In 1992, the Northern California Conference gave me an ultimatum, where they categorically stated: 'you have a job with us, but you have to promise you will not teach or preach the THREE ANGEL'S MESSAGES in public." My wife attended that meeting with me, and immediately replied that: "We will never work for you again." Of course, I waited a few days later to reiterate the same thing. Then, the man asked me, from the Northern California Conference office: 'How will you feed your family'--and I said, "The God who fed Elijah lives today." That was roughly 25 years ago, and I thank God that in that time I've been able to raise 3 children, and they've all gone through private college--and I am very very thankful for what God has done in my life. Since being fired from the Seventh-day Adventist Organization in 1992, I began working in self-supporting ministry, because I firmly believed in my own heart and mind, that God had brought me from heathenism, from Sunday-keeping Methodism, to an understanding of the THREE ANGEL'S MESSAGES of Revelation 14; and I firmly believed, that God had called me to share those messages as far as I could around the world. So, I worked in self-supporting ministries for three years. First, in a private school, in the mountains of northern California--and then two years in the self-supporting ministry with John Osborne of Prophecy Countdown. In 1995 I was fired from Prophecy Countdown, and began my own ministry--again, with one sole purpose in mind: the proclamation of the FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD ANGEL'S MESSAGES in Revelation chapter 14. We have, by God's amazing grace, been able to send literature throughout the world. I have been able to travel throughout the world; to at least six continents. Through the YouTube, which was established by Kody and Hilda Morey, we have been able to have contact with people in over a 160+ countries. And through our mass mailing program, that was spearheaded and inspired by Paul and Rita, and Rodney Armstrong--we have been able to enroll almost 5,000 people into our Bible Study program. Our goal in all of this, is not to become big, not to become glorious in our own eyes, but to simply allow the God of Heaven to take a humble, lowly group of people and to reach people as far as we possibly can with the THREE ANGEL'S MESSAGES, to prepare a people for Jesus' Second Coming. God Bless You.

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