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Evangelism. . .

We are now living in the closing scenes of this world’s history. Let men tremble with the sense of the responsibility of knowing the truth. The ends of the world are come. Proper consideration of these things will lead all to make an entire consecration of all that they have and are to their God. . . . The weighty obligation of warning a world of its coming doom is upon us. From every direction, far and near, calls are coming to us for help. The church, devotedly consecrated to the work, is to carry the message to the world: Come to the gospel feast; the supper is prepared, come. . . . Crowns, immortal crowns, are to be won. The kingdom of heaven is to be gained. A world, perishing in sin, is to be enlightened. The lost pearl is to be found. The lost sheep is to be brought back in safety to the fold. Who will join in the search? Who will bear the light to those who are wandering in the darkness of

            error? . . . We should now feel the responsibility of laboring with intense earnestness to impart to others

            the truths that God has given for this time. We cannot be too much in earnest. . . . Now is the time for the

            last warning to be given. There is a special power in the presentation of the truth at the present time; but

            how long will it continue?—Only a little while. If there was ever a crisis, it is now. All are now deciding

            their eternal destiny. Men need to be aroused to realize the solemnity of the time, the nearness of the day

            when human probation shall be ended. Decided efforts should be made to bring the message for this time

             prominently before the people. The third angel is to go forth with great power. Evangelistic work, opening

            the Scriptures to others, warning men and women of what is coming upon the world, is to occupy more

            and still more of the time of God’s servants. (Ellen White, Evangelism, p. 16,17).

Mass Mailings: Truth Triumphant does mass-mailings to cities within the United States, usually sending out 4000-6000 envelopes per week. Within the envelope is a short pamphlet entitled "What's happening to America?" In this short pamphlet is a brief summary on the utter unreliability of man, coupled with current events--quickly followed by an assurance of God's unchanging love for them. Within the pamphlet is contact information and a small mailing card extending the invitation for Bible studies. We receive various numbers of cards each week. In our Bible Studies program we currently have about 4,600 individuals enrolled in Bible studies in the United States and abroad. Thus far, we have mailed the entire state of Alaska, St. Louis, cities in Oregon, and many more; and we are currently mailing Detroit and Washington DC simultaneously. This is a great way to reach individuals local and abroad no matter where you are located! Also, the Holy Spirit is given untainted opportunity to convict without the deficiency of our own reasoning. Not to say that spreading the Gospel/3 angels messages by teaching, preaching, and witness is "bad." On the Contrary! But it is just another strategic way of reaching others by leaving it entirely in the Holy Spirit's loving hands, and reaching individuals in a non-threatening, way. Someone opening a letter will have no pressure at all; only the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Let's spread this message brothers and sisters to every nation, tribe, tongue and people!

Ministry in  Africa (3 Angels Over Africa): Pastor Hughes has been in contact with an brother in Africa for some time. Through this dedicated Christian, the weekly sermons are distributed in DVD form to individuals throughout the continent. Also, the sermons play on national radio programs, which has turned a great many hungry people to the truth, converting them and changing them into Gospel Workers themselves. We have conversion stories of entire families, criminals, hitmen, and even priests coming to the truth! The Protest is NOT over! The Reformation will reach fruition! God has blessed Truth Triumphant with a great many stories of conversions, struggles, overcomers, and changed lives! We've seen Roman Catholics convert to Seventh-day Adventism, Jehovah's Witnesses come into the truth, changed families, enemies turned saints, police and government officials hungry seeking truth, husbands, wive, children, Protestant pastors, and even persecutors turned to the life-changing messages of God's Holy Word, Law, prophecy, and love. These are just a small sliver of what God has been doing in Africa. So far the radio programs have covered multiple counties at different times, and by God's grace, we have played a small role in reaching this troubled continent. We recieve 1-3 new emails weekly about what's been going on. We are thankful to be seeing some of the precious fruits of God's labor.

Radio Programs: Truth Triumphant sends out it DVDs, which are shortly played on the Kavu Radio Station in Africa, which, as mentioned reaches multitudes of countries in Africa. However, occasionally Pastor Hughes' lectures, sermons, and interviews are played in the United States, including his "Behind the Door" Series, which is available on YouTube. Moreover, Pastor Hughes participates in local radio programs, further spreading the gospel work. To the exaltation and glory of God alone, we seek new ways of reaching others for the kingdom of Heaven.  

Truth Triumphant YouTube Channel: Beginning September 2016, the YouTube Channel is an additional form of evangelism where we post every sermon, lecture, and Sabbath School as we have on file up onto the channel. All absolutely free. This way, like the mass mailings, we can reach others in a no-pressure environment. Individuals may pause the sermon if needed, or finish it later if there are other matters to attend to. Again, this is just another strategic way of bringing the message to the world. We offer contact information at the end of each video along with an invitation to enroll in the Bible Study  program. The contact email is, or persons can mail to:


Truth Triumphant

PO Box 1417

Eustis, FL 32727-1417

Or, individuals may also call or text Kody Morey at: (941) 421-2661. If he is unable to answer, we ask that individuals leave a brief and clear message. We only ask for the NAME and ADDRESS of the interested party, to be able to send you the Bible studies via mail. So far, the YouTube channel has reached over 150 countries; from the Middle East, to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, the U.S.. India, Australia and many, many more. The messages are spreading like the leaves of autumn! The YouTube channel also has been equipped with 32 different playlists featuring different series and topics for quick and convenient access for seekers searching to find information on various topics; such as: Daniel, Revelation, Apostasy in Adventism, The Sanctuary, Spiritual Clothing, Elijah and much more! Check out the channel by clicking the youtube icon on this page (or click here), or on the home page, or check out the Sermons and Lectures tab.

Traveling Ministry: Pastor Bill Hughes is consistently visiting churches and making various guest speaking appearances abroad; including the United States, Australia, Europe, Africa, and more.Bill Hughes has done interviews, spoken at campmeetings, sabbath schools, sermons, afternoon services, and redio programs. Truth Triumphant, as a ministry, is dedicated to spreading the 3 angels messages, to the glory of God and edification of the brethren. Truth Triumphant is blessed to have been able to spread the message in this way and reach others for decades. If a guest speaking arrangement has the capability to record, the lectures are promptly posted in YouTube for anyone's study, absolutely free.  If you or your church is interested in booking a guest speaking appearance with Pastor Bill Hughes, please click the airplane icon on the left or click here.

A Group Effort: It is worth mentioning here that the members of Truth Triumphant are not just contributing via monetary means, words of edification during Sabbath schools and sermons, or merely receiving a word every Sabbath. Each Christian across the world has the burden of spreading the last day message to the world. Members are involved in the ministry through mass mailings, passing out books and materials during the week, creating newsletters, printing and folding materials for evangelism, spreading the message by word and action, and personal ministries and Bible studies. This information is not being presented to give ourselves a big pat on the back, but in humble and modest earnestness to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. Our belief is that we must ALL do His will and spread these 3 angels messages--especially the 3rd Angel's Message at this present time. To God be the glory alone! WE ALL MUST BE HEARERS AND DOERS of God's word. We must keep His Commandments AND do the will of the Father; and as the Evangelism quote reads above, we must spread this last day message of truth before probation closes forever. If you feel a conviction to do this work as well, but do not know how to start, please use this website. If you desire, utilize the free PDF lessons, the PowerPoints, the books; they are all free! You can read, study, reuse PowerPoints as your own for lectures for your ministry. However, only allow us to assist your studies, but not usurp where God is leading you. Please remember to always study the Bible and the spirit of prophecy on your own, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in your specific role for these last days. And again, if our sermons, PDFs, tracts, Bible Studies, and/or PowerPoints can help you--they are free for you to take. God Bless You! Let's finish this work; Let's go home!

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