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The Testimonies . . .

In this section, Truth Triumphant shares some of the testimonies in relation to the work going on in Africa as well as some of the wonderfully edifying letters that we receive from our brothers and sisters in Africa. The work is spearheaded by our dear brother in Africa Edward Katiba. Please stay Tuned... There are more to come!

Joseph, The Conversion of a Catholic Priest

Letters From Africa...

Beloved  P.B.


For the past two weeks I have been printing more than 20,000 tracts to ship to Congo D.R and to Malawi.  This work will come to a close this week and next week I will be preparing for shipment. Among these tracts are mainly the ones which we use in distribution and door to door work with titles like “who changed it”, Revelation 17, Islam and many more titles that you have sent us.


The brother in this country will be expecting the materials by the end of next week.  The car you bought for me is very handy and so helpful. I am keeping and maintaining it properly as it is helping me to take the materials quickly and come back and continue with the work.  Thank you for lifting my burden P.B.  Those days, I used to cycle on my bicycle but today, I drive and things are being accomplished very  fast. If I want to buy supplies in bulk where they are sold for less money, I just drive there in Lusaka and come with ink, dvd, paper, master stencil, staples and many more things that I use. Praise the Lord.  I reach to speaking appointments on time and get back on time.


I am also working on 1,500 dvd series to send by early July.  This assignment of the dvds will be going round to Zambia’s neighboring countries and as far as Eritrea, Ethiopia and Uganda.  It takes time to burn several major series such as Revelation, Daniel, Elijah, Jacobs sons ( which is on air right now in the evening series) where as in the morning we are airing main series.  Behind the door is on air in the morning.


The SDAs have come to appreciate the dvds. Of late, I have had 9 elders from the mainstream and Reformed SDA come home to ask for the dvds and I have given them.  Just this evening, I have received a phone call from elder Kambe of SDA Reform who was asking me for dvds, books and any other materials.  I am humbled to see the word going out and I will continue to do so as much as I update you with this work.

I have been monitoring the evening radio program.  It is wonderful to hear the messages of Jacobs sons going to the ears of Muslims and the entire Southern and Central Africa.



1. Old SOP books with Bibles - are very useful here. The ones you sent  me have all gone. I was happy to receive the publication of Eternal Gospel church.  The details are so helpful.  The  Musical cassettes are wonderful. I have since sent those cassettes  to other groups.


2.  dvds will keep going.  It is my prayer to keep duplicating the sermons and send them to as far as strength can take us.

3. Prayers.  Remember us in your prayers and the brethren in Luena Angola who have stood for the truth in the midst of many Catholics.


Edward  Katiba.

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