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"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever."--Isaiah 40:8

Over the course of the years. Bill Hughes has written a few books, including The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked. Both of which are available here for read and/or download. Moreover, Bill Hughes has recently finished the testimonial book entitled The 3 Angels Over Africa which is now available to read for free here! If you are interested in purchasing a case of books to pass out click here. To Read/Download, simply click the book and the PDF will open. Also available here are books we have permission to carry,  such as Jan Marcussen's National Sunday Law and Pacific Institute's When the United States Passes The National Sunday Law As Predicted in the Bible. We intend to enlarge this free library in the future, so give it a check every now and then!

Remember Your Name!

God’s people have a special last-day message for the world: The Three Angel’s Messages. Yet each year and each decade that goes by sees less and less of the proclamation of this message. In fact, the Seventh-day Adventist denomination seems to be in a freefall doctrinally, prophetically, and in health principles. What has happened to our faith--why are the messages so watered-down and lacking of spiritual vigor? There is no effect without a cause! It all began in the 1950s with the leaders of Adventism, but it gets much worse. This is a book for Adventists who are seeking to understand what is happening in the Adventist denomination. Please, prayerfully join Pastor Bill Hughes as he takes a closer look at the historical watershed moments that have led to the current apostasy in Adventism.

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COVID-19:The Rest of the Story

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What is the deal with this coronavirus conundrum? It has swept the globe, destroying people and their livelihoods in its wake. People are afraid. Governments and world medical leaders are insisting on self-quarantine, face masks, and social distancing. Life as we know it has changed; fear and confusion are rampant. Some people are skeptical. The lock-step, top-down government mandates across the globe have many individuals rethinking the appropriate roles and powers of government. Will life ever be the same again?In this short work, find out what is really going on in this COVID-19 pandemic; the movers and shakers, and their ultimate plan to use the coronavirus to accomplish their global aspirations...

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Three Angel's Over Africa

After a short time, Bill has completed the Three Angel's Over Africa. In this book, you will find some of the amazing true stories of events occurring in the continent of Africa! These stories are edifying for any Christian struggling in this world. Moreover, these stories are inspiring and challenging to readers to commit to the work of the 3 Angel's Messages the way some of these individuals in Africa lay it all out on the line. Be blessed as you encounter the shocking true stories as well as Bill Hughes' input of the doctrines which caused these shaking testimonies.

The Secret Terrorists

The Secret Terrorists is a book about the history of the United States and the evidence of the Jesuit infiltration, assassinations, conspiracies, and events; all of which have a blood stained path leading back to Rome at every turn. This book is a reflection of the 3rd Angel's Message and the involvement of the Catholic Church in world affairs.

The Enemy Unmasked

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The Enemy Unmasked is a sort of part 2 to The Secret Terrorists. However, in this book, the global question is more directly examined. It takes a closer look at world affairs and various secret organizations, their inception, their legacy, and their ties to Rome. Once again, a clear enemy can be seen at every corner. Once again, the Jesuits of Rome are found in one form or another involved, directly or indirectly, with major and mysterious events and organizations.

When the United States Passes The National Sunday Law As Predicted in the Bible

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"When the United States Passes The National Sunday Law As Predicted in the Bible" is short, but concise outline of prophecy and future upcoming events, combining biblical, historical and political realms. You will find the Sabbath truth presented in contrast to the error of Sunday, the law of God defended, the beast power, Antichrist and role of America in the coming final conflict of the Mark of the Beast.

National Sunday Law

"National Sunday Law" is a wonderful and logical outline of the coming test for God's people in the Sunday/Sabbath question. Will the Law of God stand? Find out about the coming conflict that is soon to befall the United States and the world. Written by author and pastor Jan Marcussen

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