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Rodney and Katie's Newsletter "Cleaver of Truth" Archive!

Welcome to the Cleaverof Truth Newsletter Archive! As with the PowerPoints and Mini-tracts, they are free for your download, either in Word document or PDF. If you are looking only to read, just click the PDF icon and it will open on your screen. Rodney and Katie have kept faithful Newsletters for a number of years. In this archive you will find Bible Lessons, health stories, studies, and recipes. Peruse as needed!


COT: February-10

COT: March-10

COT: April-10

COT: May-10

COT: June-10

COT: July-10

COT: August-10

COT: September-10

COT: October-10

COT: November-10

COT: December-10


COT: January-11

COT: February-11

COT: March-11

COT: April-11

COT: May-11

COT: June-11

COT: July-11

COT: August-11

COT: September-11

COT: October-11

COT: November-11

COT: December-11


COT: January-12

COT: February-12

COT: March-12

COT: April-12

COT: May-12

COT: August-12

COT: September-12

COT: October-12

COT: November-12

COT: December-12


COT: January-13

COT: February-13

COT: March-13

COT: April-13

COT: May-13

COT: June-13

COT: July-13

COT: August-13

COT: September-13

COT: October-13

COT: November-13

COT: December-13


COT: January-14

COT: February-14

COT: March-14

COT: Arpil-14

COT: April Special Edition-14

COT: May-14

COT: June-14

COT: July-14

COT: September-14

COT: October-14

COT: November-14

COT: December-14


COT: January-15

COT: February-15

COT: March-15

COT: April-15

COT: May-15

COT: June-15

COT: July-15

COT: August-15

COT: September-15

COT: October-15

COT: December-15


COT: January-16

COT: February-16

COT: March-16

COT: April-16

COT: May-16

COT: June-16

COT: July-16

COT: August-16

COT: September-16

COT: October-16

COT: November-16

COT: December-16


COT: January-17

COT: February-17

COT: March-17

COT: April-17

COT: May-17

COT: June-17

COT: July-17

COT: August-17

COT: October-17

COT: November-17

COT: December-17


COT: January-18

COT: February-18

COT: March-18

COT: April-18

COT: May-June-18

COT: Nov-Dec-18


COT: Jan-Feb-19

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