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If we have any censored videos or podcasts we will be posting them here on our website due to YouTube censorship. We wanted to make them available to you still, please feel free to watch below. Due to the file sizes, videos are split into 3 parts. Thank you for your understanding. 

The videos will also be available on:




Updated 8/30/21


COVID-19: Wuhan-Catholic Connection
Pastor Bill Hughes

COVID-19: Thinking Clearly
Kody Morey

Preparing Not to Bow
Kody Morey

The Antichrist Showdown! pt 46: The War Against the Word Continued
Kody Morey

Pressing Issues: QAnon

Truth Triumphant Radio

Kody Morey

Vaccine Bias

The Truth About the Coronavirus

Recapping 2020

The Stones Cry Out About COVID-19

 James Standish: "Seventh-day Adventist" and Son of Rome

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